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Social security spending by the Department for Work & Pensions has been £25 billion higher than George Osborne planned in this Parliament, according to new analysis.

The figures were commissioned from the independent House of Commons Library by Labour’s Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls and Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary Rachel Reeves.

The figures cast serious doubt over George Osborne’s ability to deliver promised savings in social security spending in the next Parliament.

Having failed to balance the books George Osborne is now talking about £12 billion more cuts to social security after the election. But these figures show he’s over-spent by more than twice this amount in this Parliament.

A key cause of the Tories’ overspending is their failure to make the economy work for working people, leaving thousands more reliant on housing benefit, as well as mismanaged reforms at the DWP.

Analysis of official figures shows that:

  • The Tories have overspent by £1.4 billion on housing benefit for people in work – an amount over four times the amount they have saved in housing benefit from people moving into work.
  • The number of people needing to claim housing benefit in work to make ends meet has increased by over fifty per cent since 2010, and is set to double by 2018/19.
  •  The government has spent over £8 billion more than they planned on incapacity benefits due to their chaotic delivery of reforms and failure to help disabled people into work.
  • Delays to the delivery of the Personal Independence Payment have meant not only uncertainty for thousands of disabled people, but a mounting cost to the public purse, with £1.7 billion more spent than planned over the parliament.
  • And £130 million has been wasted on failed IT for Universal Credit, which is still only reaching less than one per cent of its intended caseload.

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Photo credit: HM Treasury via photopin cc

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  1. It gives me no pleasure to say that I had a meeting with our local Con MP as Cameron came into power. In that meeting I predicted that this would happen because Cameron hasn’t a clue about the knock on costing of his own plans. Millions have gone down the drain in his candyfloss tin pot ideas. He lies through his back teeth and makes things up as he goes along. Yet many are becoming poorer by the day and family homelessness is rapidly rising.

  2. No News there then He has created a bigger welfare bill by his own stupidity. It frequently costs government more for single mums to work. Then they make folk work longer and by the same token create child care funding because Grannie is at work. Younger people are edging further into homelessness and poverty because of their so call internship and apprenticeships for peanuts.

  3. only problem is this money did not go where it was needed, but into failed schemes dreamed up by IDS and his cronies (can you say workfare, modern apprenticeships, the jobfinder online page, etc etc)

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