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Welfare reform is killing people, but the Tory press don’t want you to know

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The manipulation of the British public is not difficult to achieve when the entire national press and media resist alerting the nation to the realities behind the ongoing welfare reforms.

The future demolition of the UK welfare state was planned long ago by a previous Tory government, and the 2008 banking crisis was simply the excuse needed to permit the demolition of the welfare state to begin.

Introduced in the UK by Thatcher, toxic neoliberal politics has swept the world where cash, not care, is deemed to be a virtue and the driver of national success, regardless of human consequences.

What remains unreported are the rising numbers of deaths all linked to the ongoing welfare reforms, numbering in excess of 100,000 chronically sick and disabled people since January 2011, as the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) once again refuse to publish the updated mortality totals.

Since 1992 a notorious American healthcare insurance giant has advised successive UK governments on ‘welfare claims management’, on route to the planned demolition of the welfare state and the adoption of American style punitive social security policies.

Identified as the second worst insurance company in America in 2008 by the American Association of Justice, this American corporate giant has guided the UK welfare reforms.

The DWP adopted the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) to resist funding benefit claims, as co-designed by this corporate insurance giant who expected to gain from the demolition of the welfare state, with an anticipated increase in the purchase of private healthcare insurance in the UK.

All government claims about the welfare state since 2010 have been to manipulate the British public, to successfully reduce the public sympathy and support for chronically sick and disabled people and to guarantee that people unfit to work for health reasons would live in fear of the DWP, whose cruelty knows no limits.

The adoption of the WCA uses the totally discredited biopsychosocial model of assessment, as used by the private healthcare insurance industry to resist funding claims, and guaranteed human suffering of the least able on a vast scale.

Rather than exposing the impending demolition of the welfare state, the mighty Tory press and media have successfully influenced the British public by reporting the rhetoric of DWP Ministers, which sells newspapers but misleads the public.

The right-wing press has gone out of its way to label benefit claimants as ‘scroungers’, but many of their claims are either greatly exaggerated or entirely fabricated.

Aided and abetted by banner headlines, DWP Ministers insisted that many claimants of out-of-work disability benefit were ‘inactive’, ‘skiving’, ‘scrounging’ and ‘work shy’. Claimants of such benefits were clearly a burden to ‘hard working tax payers’, so these dishonest people must be identified and forced to find work.

These totally false claims have worked well, with a 213% increase in disability hate crimes during the Coalition government’s term in office. Iain Duncan-Smith excelled as the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, who successfully propagated the ideologically driven welfare reforms which were unrelated to wellbeing.

All this happened as the DWP continually disregarded the growing numbers of deaths linked to the WCA.

Following several years of independent research that the Cabinet Office attempted and failed to supress, the book ‘Cash Not Care: the planned demolition of the UK welfare state’ was published by New Generation publishing in September 2016 and was launched in London in October 2016.

The book contains all the evidence the government do not want the public to know, and all the details the national press and media refuse to report.

‘Cash Not Care’ is available via Amazon, and via Waterstones and Blackwell’s book shops. The eBook edition is available via WHSmith.

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