Sunday, December 6, 2020

Universal Credit

Two-thirds of families on Universal Credit pushed into debt during lockdown

Government urged to increase to the child element of Universal Credit and Child Tax Credit.

DWP boss under pressure to replace Universal Credit advance payments with non-repayable grants

UK government says proposal could see an increase in fraudulent claims.

275 severely disabled people launch legal case against DWP over lost benefit income

Former claimants of Severe Disability Premium launch legal case for lost benefit income

New Universal Credit claimants facing hardship and ‘skipping meals’ due to five-week wait

Citizens Advice calls for urgent changes to the minimum five-week wait for Universal Credit.

Coronavirus pandemic causes 22% drop in income for UK households

Government urged to increase benefits and end the five-week wait for universal credit.

DWP minister blasts ‘feeble attempt to denigrate Universal Credit’ as over 250,000 are refused payment

More than 2.3 million households have made a fesh claim for Universal Credit since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown.

‘Very unlikely’ Universal Credit will survive the Covid-19 pandemic

Pandemic will amplify public discontent with the current welfare system, report says.

Coronavirus: SNP politicians call for student access to universal credit

SNP politicians demand financial support for students over the summer months.

DWP appeal High Court ruling that Universal Credit assessment period policy is unlawful

High Court ruled that the DWP had been wrongly interpreting the Universal Credit regulations.

Mother issues legal case after benefit cap wipes out Covid-19 universal credit increase

Benefit cap eliminated an increase in Universal Credit intended to help the mother and her children.

Disabled households left worse off on Universal Credit win breakthrough appeal case

Ruling could ultimately benefit thousands of disabled people whose legacy benefits were wrongly stopped.

‘Reckless and spiteful’ DWP stripping families of tax credits after an unsuccesful universal credit claim

"If you claim universal credit, your tax credit claim will be closed, even if you aren't eligible to receive universal credit."

End the Universal Credit five-week wait ahead of potential ‘second wave’ in new claims, DWP told

DWP urged to reconsider its decision not to turn advance payments into grants.

Lift two-child benefits limit in wake of coronavirus pandemic, report urges

Government urged to scrap the two-child limit in the wake of a sharp rise in Universal Credit claims.

More than two million people have claimed benefits during Coronavirus lockdown

DWP Secretary urged to "widen the safety net" to help protect people affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.

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