Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Unemployed Will Have To Do Community Work Under Tories, Says Cameron

Prime minister says he is in effect abolishing youth unemployment in speech that puts changes to welfare system at heart of Conservative manifesto.

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  1. NO! what they need is to be payed decently…. maybe as decently as you, for their labour!!!
    fine give them community projects to do, that sounds great… but you are breaking the law if you ask them to do that for less than minimum wage!
    its got nothing to do with discipline of going to work you brain deficient MORON! its got to do with the fact that they aint gonna do that for nothing!!!! you sure as hell bloody wouldnt!!!
    you are a waste of air scumoron! and this will cause many deaths!

  2. Community work is a Punishment in law for some one who commits a petty offence. In Tory Britain you can commit a petty offence by claiming benefits when out of work. and since most punishment hours set by a court last no more then 8 hours each session the Punishment for being unemployed set by the conservatives seems really harsh for some one who has not actually committed a real crime. and their only offence is being poor.

  3. community work used to be done by those who commit a criminal offence. so under this New Tory Legislation has being unemployed become a criminal offence. as they now seem fit to use the same punishment for unemployed and criminal alike.

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