Iain Duncan Smith. Photo credit: Brian Minkoff - London Pixels / Foter / CC BY-SA

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  1. What this shows Is just how much the Judges are removed from everyday reality,and IDS will be clapping his hands with Glee given the green light to brutalize the already suffering unemployed and poor,like Gandhi I believe said to measure a countries greatness look to see how It treats it’s most vulnerable and poor? Iain Duncan Smith Is getting away with murder I cannot believe how this Is all kept hushed up,If it was happening In another country there would be outrage but our media Is run by a family who are called the Rothschilds banking cabal who own £1.7 Trillion you see being poor Is not just something that happens by chance It’s created the richer the elite means the less for the poor.

  2. And you take notice of these United Nations Clowns.. just like that idiot Duncan smith who made his wife wear second hand clothes because they didn’t have enough for the morgage on their three Mansions…..

  3. To punish those who can’t fend for them selves because they are too young is negligent and someone need to be brought to book for this Yes Duncan Smith it is YOU The other thing I take issue with is that the working poor are the poorest of all. So much for supporting hard working families. Oh in closing can anyone guess which strata of society will bear the brunt of the 30 billion spending cuts. Don’t all shout at once .Yes you got it the working poor, the sick, the disabled, our little people and the elderly. What a travesty this country is. Once again I am ashamed to be British.

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