1. The Conservative panel member said we have make to make cuts to welfare in order that we can afford to pay welfare. This completely offensive and illogical comment shows the us now the undisguised arrogant contempt for disabilities by the Conservatives and the insult to our intelligence. Ian Duncan Smith and is evil conspirators must face charges for crimes against humanity in the Hague. Their brand of holocaust cannot go unpunished.

  2. Iain Duncan Smith said ” it was not the role of the government to pay the disabled enough to stop them being poor. the disabled will work their way out of poverty”. Really ? this is so wrong in so many levels, some are unable to work some could but cant get a job. Being disabled and sick is no fun. all the money in the world is nothing to having good health yet it helps.I really believe the government wants us out of the way. Very much like Hitler, people said it was digusting to suggest that 4 years ago. Live within our means, Cameron wants us to live like the Chinese do, and has the gall to liken Corbyn to the comunists..

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