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The SNP has called on Theresa May to sack the Tory Vice Chair for Youth, Ben Bradley MP, after yet more offensive blog posts emerged today, which stated “police brutality should be encouraged”.

It follows blog posts written in support of the Tory benefits freeze, where he said low income families should have “vasectomies” to prevent them having children, and said the UK would soon be “drowning in a vast sea of unemployed wasters”.

In further blog posts, Ben Bradley criticised public sector workers for opposing Tory austerity cuts to public services.

The MP who now earns a minimum salary of £74,962, plus expenses, claimed workers were “lost in their own fantasy land”, “can’t see how good they’ve got it”, and should quit if they don’t think they are paid enough – despite Tory cuts to public sector pay.

In a letter today, SNP Social Justice spokesperson Neil Gray MP called on the Prime Minister to take the decisive action she failed to take on Toby Young, by removing Ben Bradley from his post.

Commenting Neil Gray MP, said: “Ben Bradley’s appalling attacks on low income families, and our dedicated public service workers, are deeply offensive and make him unfit for office.

“Theresa May must now take the decisive action she failed to take on Toby Young and sack him.

“The Tories rightly called for Labour MP Jared O’Mara to be suspended over his offensive blog posts. They complained his suspension took too long to happen, and questioned how he had been selected in the first place. It would be hypocrisy of the highest order if they now fail to act themselves.

“The Prime Minister once criticised the Tories’ for their ‘nasty party’ reputation, now she is responsible for it.

“The disgusting comments that low income families should be sterilised to prevent them having children, that unemployed people are ‘wasters’, and that public sector workers should stop complaining about damaging Tory cuts to services and pay, are only more extreme versions of views that are widely held within the party.

“The comments are all the more insulting given that it is Tory government policies that have made millions of low income families poorer and worse off – with falling wages, an unfair public sector pay cap, cuts to tax credits and social security, and the longest period of falling living standards since records began.

“If the Tories can’t comprehend why people are angry about their appalling record of failure – they are the ones lost in their own fantasy land.”


  1. Please don’t be drawn into demonising this MP. If he were a demon then his behaviour would be understandable. This human sub-species who believe that they are somehow above their fellow humans based entirely on their fortunate public positions (forgetting that they are intended to represent the electorate when handed these responsibilities…) these xenophobes believe in their own entitlement. They have engineered new levels of poverty and depravity justified by ‘paying off the mistakes of the Bankers’ – and we are expected to accept that our own poor situations are all that we should expect, go under the knife to prevent loving family environments, while the supposed perpetrators of this vile and deplorable austerity dogma go unpunished, rewarded in fact. Their self-regulation reinforced, all costs handed down to the customer. The consumer. The electorate.

    They gaze upon the seas of human suffering at their feet towards what they perceive to be attainable for them if their actions are repugnant enough towards us husbandry. They are ghetto police who will ultimately be shipped off to the abattoir once all of us are expended. They believe in the subjugation and emancipation of their livestock. I believe equal disdain and separation from below AND above is where they truly reside. Idiots indeed, to be reviled for certain, yet on another level, to be pitied. Does this branch-off from humanity deserve that? It isn’t my place to judge.

    Humans do not hate. That is our separation from this subspecies. We are taught and programmed with hatred directed wherever they will, they have have refined this technique and practise over the past 200 years. They know how to control us and bend us to their will. But this is not true hatred. This is mental programming. ‘This’ offshoot from decent humanity is the product of greed and promises of a ripe harvest, ‘just around the corner…’ Whether that elusive tier of power over them has engineered these things in this way, I do not know. Please though. Demons deserve a little respect. They were, after all, once angels

      • I guess the irony is lost on you, however I accept your opinion, and shall take your kind advice under consideration

          • I bow to your most superior knowledge and insight.

            My intention was to point out my belief that creatures such as this vile human were less deserving of any respect than actual demons. I see that my wit and ability to convey my thoughts has fallen short with you. For that I apologise profoundly, and shall respectfully ‘piss off’ before one who undoubted;ly knows far, far more than I ever could

          • All credit to your ‘intentions’. Let me know when you find them. Try that sea of ‘ironic’ waffle. Good luck!

          • again, my most profound apologies for upsetting your sensibilities. You are clearly far more vered in the workings of the world than I – much love to you

          • *versed

            it seems that I have caused you offense. That was never my intention…. pissing off now

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