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  1. Claimants should seek to appeal all benefit sanctions. make the DWP Prove to a Tribunal that they used it as a Last resort . as it can only be applied as a last resort.

      • Its true the government is setting a £250 fee to appeal. But they are not saying it all. if you win your appeal you have the right to ask for the £250 back. The process of giving back the £250 cost the government a further £750 in admin charges. meaning the average appeal is going to cost £9,000 a pop.
        The fee is being set to deter disabled people from appealing the DWP false attempt to remove a persons benefit from someone who is quite entitled to it.
        Ian Duncan Smith doesn’t care if a person is to ill to work he has a target to meet and will meet it by any means he can. there is no place in the tory big society for the sick and the disabled and the sooner people under stand this the sooner they will use the vote they are entitled to at the general election. same applies for those effected by Bedroom tax. get out and use your vote. Vote these idiots out of government.

        • I am not doubting what you say Marc. But how does refunding a claimant’s £250 manage to cost £750 in admin charges? Not even a bank would charge that much.

          • By the time the Money is repaid it has been processed and checked by 9 different departments in the DWP including to which are run by private sector companies which is where the huge cost comes into it.the average appeal costs a total of £8,000 just to have it heard. and at present 9/10 claimants are winning their appeal. When it comes to benefit sanctions the dwp lose each time the judges find out it was a first resort and not a last resort sanction. There is no defence against the case when a sanction has been imposed without formal warning given for a future offence or none compliance.

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