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  1. I think that the powers that be should try not eating for a week and see how that feels. No food or booze served in the house of commons would do the overweight bench sitters a world of good. I also think instead of a pay rise the equivalent is given to food banks. Maybe just maybe it will give them something worth thinking about

  2. One thing that they have failed to mention is that 80% of benefit claimants are IN WORK. The capping of benefits has seen many low paid workers having to resort to food banks to make ends meet, as they have to make up the shortfall in Housing Benefit and Council Tax benefit provision. The myth that ‘work will set you free’ is fundamental to UKIP and Tory ideology, when in fact, there are very few well paid jobs for the working class out there. Sustained wage repression for decades has eroded the value of the average pay packet, so much so that if the minimum wage had risen in line with the pay of say, CEO’s, it would be worth over £18 an hour by now. The capping of the benefits provision to that of the ‘average workers wage’ fails to address the fact that the average wage is no enough to live on. The time to introduce a Minimum Basic Citizen’s Income, free from interference from Government bodies is long overdue, and would go a long way to relieving the worst effects of poverty for the most vulnerable in society.

    • Who will introduce these idea’s? Labour wont, Greens wont, the only Socialists who will or Nationalists who will are too small and short of a forced Regime change in Revolution wont get anywhere, what we need is an end to voting for political parties, an end in being pacifists thinking it will eventually change things when it wont, thats why the left in /Europe has turned for forceful against Governments and more referendum are being applied, also, there is not many Parties who are bent on making themselves unemployed thru scrapping so-called Representative Democracy for self representing Direct Democracy free of elections, free of political party rule, where people represent themselves, vote on laws and budgets themselves The other problem I have is the Trotsky led Socialism in the UK support political party rule, it supports pimping workers out for an hourly wage (wage slavery concept of Socialism), it backs NO democratisation of the economy. As the Socialist leader and only man to bring Direct Democracy to the World outside of Switzerland said it best “Workers should not be protesting for a wage rise, they should be protesting until they own the businesses they work for” That is an idea that work is not just about pay, but work is more about enjoyment and general wanting to do better for society. Afterall there is no me in Socialism, it is not an individualistic idea, it is a more collective greater good idea, whether its Marxism, Leninism, Maoism, Juche, Bolivarianism, Islamic Socialist or whatever other varients are out there.

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