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Benefit fraud ‘witchhunt’: 280,000 public tip-offs led to no action taken due to insufficient evidence

More than 280,000 public tip-offs on benefit fraud in the past two years have resulted in no action being taken against a claimant due to lack of evidence, The Independent can disclose.


  1. “…but those who do are diverting support from people who need it the most. ” No, the government are doing that

  2. This has disturbing echoes of Stalinist Russia, when ordinary people were set against each other to the effect that they were encouraged to view each other with suspicion. As for ‘”The Government should instead focus on getting their own house in order…”‘ – indeed. They should crack down on the uber-rich and corporate tax dodgers who rob the economy of billions of pounds every year by funneling their wealth out of the country to offshore accounts. That’s where all the money is going. Those are the real fraudsters.

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