1Jobcentre Panic After Man Threatened To Set Fire To Himself

A Manchester Jobcentre office was thrown into panic after a man doused himself in petrol and threatened to set fire to himself. Read more….

2‘Devastating’ Tory Welfare Sanctions Will Hit Babies And Young Children, Says SNP

The Scottish National Party has condemned new Tory welfare plans, which could see children as young as one affected by “devastating” benefit sanctions. Read more….

3Successful Sickness Benefit Appeals At Highest Ever Level

The proportion of sickness benefit claimants who successfully appeal against an adverse decision is at its highest ever level, new figures show. Read more….

4Low-Income Families In Private Housing Face Large Benefit Shortfalls

Freeze will leave 300,000 households in England hundreds of pounds behind on rent each month, says Shelter. Read more….

5Osborne’s ‘National Living Wage’ Won’t Compensate For Tory Benefit Cuts, Says IFS

George Osborne’s so-called ‘National Living Wage’ will do little to compensate low-income working families affected by cuts to tax credits and benefits, says the Institute for Fiscal Studies. Read more….

6‘Burnout Britain’: Number Of People Working ‘Excessively Long Hours’ Up 15%, Says TUC

The number of people working more than 48 hours each week has now reached 3,417,000 – up by 453,000 since 2010. Read more….

7Number Of Families With Problem Debt Up 28% In Two Years

The number of households with problem debt increased by 700,000 between 2012 and 2014, according to a new report. Read more….

8Iain Duncan Smith Criticised For Describing Non-Disabled People As ‘Normal’

Iain Duncan Smith has been heavily criticised after appearing to suggest that people with disabilities are ‘abnormal’, it has been reported today. Read more….

9DWP Has ‘Abandoned Any Responsibility’ For Benefits Deaths, Says SNP

The Scottish National Party has accused the UK Government of abandoning any responsibility for benefits deaths. Read more….

10Tax Credit Cuts Will Cost Britain’s Poorest Children £750 A Year – Independent

Five million of Britain’s poorest children will lose an average of £750 each a year because of the Government’s cuts to tax credits. Read more….

11Child Health Subject To ‘Shocking’ Postcode Lottery, Says Charity

National Children’s Bureau report shows under-fives in poor areas of England are far likelier to suffer bad health – but some locations buck the trend. Read more….

12Disabled To March On Downing Street Over ‘Access To Work’ Changes

Disabled people are to march on Downing Street in protest over changes to the Government’s crucial ‘Access To Work’ scheme. Read more….

13Tories Taking From The Poor To Give To The Rich, Says TUC

The poorest working households are set to lose £460 a year by 2020, while the very richest get an income boost of £670 a year. Read more….

14UK Disabled People Facing ‘Multitude Of Attacks On Their Human Rights’

Disabled people are facing a “multitude of attacks on their human rights and living standards” by the UK Government, say campaigners. Read more….

15Man Living With Leukemia For Eighteen Months Told To Get A Job

A man suffering from potentially life-threatening Leukemia has been ordered to find a job, it was reported last week. Read more….

16Tory MPs Prepare For ‘Bedroom Tax’ Rebellion

A number of Conservative MPs are preparing themselves for a rebellion against the hated ‘Bedroom Tax’, it has been reported. Read more….