Theresa May at the US Embassy London, 2012. Photo: Flickr -

Theresa May was exposed over her damaging plans for more cuts and further austerity in a car-crash interview for Sky News’ “Battle for Number 10”, SNP Depute leader Angus Robertson said tonight.

The Prime Minister failed to answer basic questions on social care, winter fuel payments and further cuts to police during her first encounter with the general public in a televised Q&A session.

She was also grilled by Jeremy Paxman over her litany of U-turns and ‘weak and wobbly’ leadership in a campaign which has seen the Tories plummet in the polls.

Despite direct questioning, she failed to put a figure on the income level for pensioners to receive winter fuel payments, what the criteria would be for social care for the elderly, whether she plans to increase or cut police numbers, what immigration levels she would set or what the damage to the economy will be from Brexit.

She also threatened to walk away from Brexit negotiations without a deal for vital jobs and industries.

Commenting on Mrs May’s woeful performance, the SNP’s Depute Leader Angus Robertson said: “Tonight Theresa May proved exactly why now, more so than ever, Scotland needs strong SNP voices standing up to the Tories at Westminster.

“She let the cat out of the bag — the Tories are gearing up for more cuts on a monumental scale, and more damaging austerity which will hit Scottish families hard.

“Theresa May’s election campaign has gone from bad, to worse, to utterly embarrassing.

“She doesn’t have the answers on the most basic questions, either because she doesn’t know them or she’s trying to lead voters up the garden path.

“It’s clear that she cannot be trusted to get a good deal in Brexit negotiations — she’s weak and wobbly and completely lacking in the qualities of leadership.

“It’s no surprise she has been in hiding all campaign.

“The only way to defend Scotland from more Tory cuts and from a messy, damaging Brexit is to vote for MPs who will put Scotland’s interests first — by voting SNP next Thursday.”

This is an official press release from the Scottish National Party (SNP). Headline chosen by Welfare Weekly.