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Gaffe-prone Tory welfare spokesperson Michelle Ballantyne bizarrely claimed that the hated Bedroom Tax did not exist – in the latest sign of a Tory party in denial over their own policies.

During a meeting of Holyrood’s Social Security Committee, Michelle Ballantyne claimed that “there’s no such thing as a bedroom tax,” in a shocking dismissal of the Tory policy which affected 80,000 Scots, and drove thousands into poverty.

The SNP has called for Michelle Ballantyne to apologise for these remarks – after the MSP previously made outrageous comments about low-income families.

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Ms Ballantyne was widely condemned last year for refusing to apologise after declaring that the two child cap is fair as “people on benefits cannot have as many children as they like.”

The MSP also denied the overwhelming evidence that Tory welfare cuts have caused the surge in foodbank demand – since admitted by DWP boss Amber Rudd.

Fellow Tory MSP Brian Whittle also recently made the claim that the ‘rape clause’ does not exist.

The Scottish Government has been mitigating the bedroom tax since it was introduced and will spend more than £61 million through Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) next year to do so again to protect people from this shocking tax that puts people at risk of rent arrears and homelessness.

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SNP MSP Keith Brown said: “It is completely unbelievable that Michelle Ballantyne would deny reality like this – the Tory mask has well and truly slipped.

“Michelle Ballantyne has previously refuted clear evidence that her party is causing surging foodbank demand, since admitted by DWP boss Amber Rudd.

“These comments were outrageous, and her disregard for the real-life consequences of the hated ‘bedroom tax’ cannot be ignored.

“If Ms Ballantyne won’t apologise, Jackson Carlaw must take action.

“Instead of dismissing the two-child cap, or suggesting that the poor shouldn’t have children, perhaps the Tories should be congratulating the SNP for mitigating these harmful policies, and supporting those families affected by them.

“If Michelle Ballantyne is who Jackson Carlaw believes should be running the Scottish Social Security System then that speaks absolute volumes about the Scottish Tories.”

Disclaimer: This is an official press release from the Scottish National Party.