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This is the heartbreaking moment when a disabled pensioner called the LBC radio station to express fears over potential disability benefit cuts.

Suzie says she is worried that David Cameron and the Tories may slash her Disability Living Allowance, which is currently being replaced by Personal Independence Payment, and leave her “unable to live”.

DLA and its replacement PIP can be claimed by sick and disabled people between the ages of 16 to 64. Disabled people over this age can make a claim for Attendance Allowance. Older people often refer to Attendance Allowance as DLA, especially where they may have been in receipt of DLA prior to reaching the qualifying age for Attendance Allowance.

David Cameron has so far failed to rule out any cuts to disability benefits, leaving many vulnerable disabled people uncertain about their futures.

Tearful Suzie says that without a family she feels isolated from society and that her only friend is a “lovely unpaid carer”.

“They don’t seem to care about us”, says Suzie. “The Government Want To Annihilate Us”.

Suzie adds: “It’s not my fault I’m disabled, I can’t help it”.

“I’ve only got one leg and I can’t manage without that one bit of money to get out, maybe one a week.”

“There would be no point in me living”, she says.

Presenter Iain Dale attempts to ease her anxiety, by stating that the Prime Minister has ruled out cuts to pensioner benefits. But without further clarity on the future of disability benefits, people like Suzie – both young and old – must wait to find out what their fate may be.