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  1. shame no one gave a damn about the long termsick and disabled

    DLA % PIP Doesn’t exist severely disabled are being put onto ESA after a failed assessment

    retired medically 30 + yrs working revieved £102 incapacity benefit the
    £60 works ill health pension was below the means testing limit

    Total Income approx £8,000
    no rent no council tax———-
    2012 healed by ATOS zero points
    took 11 months to go before tribunal awarded 15 points ( total 12 months con esa £102)
    2013 income related ESA £21 pw total income £4,000
    less £22 pw ct + bedroom tax total income £3,000 a £5,000 cut
    attend the jobcentre once every 12 months as they agree my conditions make me incapable of working unemployable
    in 2005 my doctors reports stated i had several

  2. Who is the deluded person that the conservative party has a reputation for compassion. The only reputation they have is perpetuating persecution of the most vulnerable people of Britain. YOu know the hard working families he claims to support. The sick and disable you he claims to know how to look after. I wouldn’t trust him with a dog let alone human beings.

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