Many articles you can find on our website are available for syndication, meaning you can republish them on your blog or website for as little as £10 per article.

The exact pricing will depend on the size of your publication, but only large publishers can expect to pay more.

Please note that some articles found on our website are not available for syndication due to legal reasons, which usually means they are covered by a third-party copyright, whose owner has allowed us to publish the material on our website, or are freely available as press releases – subject to approval from the source.

Only article text is available for syndication and you must not edit or amend the content in any way. Please do not include images or other graphics found on our articles in your republished article.

You are also required to credit Welfare Weekly, or the article’s author where a name has been provided, as the original source of the article and include a link to the original article or our home page.

For Example, include this statement at the bottom of the republished material: “This article was originally published by Welfare Weekly at [link] on [date] and has been republished here with permission”.

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