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Neil Gray MP has highlighted the “ludicrous” situation of inaccessible centres for Personal Independent Payment assessments.

The SNPs’ Social Justice spokesperson raised the issue with the Minister during DWP questions in the House of Commons this afternoon, criticising the lack of policy for assessment centres to provide car parking.

Neil Gray MP has previously raised the issue with the UK government in Written Questions to Ministers, and the responses have confirmed that the DWP does not have a policy for providing car parking.

Parliamentary Under-Secretary Kilt Malthouse admitted: “The Department does not have a policy on ensuring that people accessing our buildings have access to parking within twenty meters as there is no requirement to provide parking facilities for staff or the public.”

Photo credit: Knox O (Wasi Daniju) via photopin cc

Commenting, Neil Gray MP said: “The situation is ludicrous. Being able to walk 20 metres is a central part of the PIP assessment process and yet Ministers have told me that they do not have a policy for assessment centres to have parking within 20 meters, nor do they know which centres have this facility.

“While the Minister agreed with me that this situation is totally unacceptable, we need to see a change in policy to ensure people with limited or no mobility can access the services they need.

“Given that not everyone has access to home assessments, people will find themselves in the situation of having to attend a health assessment but being unable to walk through the door.

“The DWP must rectify this situation and I will continue to pressure the UK government to ensure action is taken.”