WASPI women protest outside Parliament over state pension changes. Photo: WASPI Campaign/Twitter

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has called on Scottish Tory MPs to support fair pensions for women who will be affected by changes to the state pension age.

The SNP will debate the issue today (Wednesday) as part of the party’s opposition day debate, and as part of a long standing campaign which calls for the UK government to step up and help WASPI women (Women Against State Pension Inequality) who have been affected by changes to the state pension age and are due to lose out financially.

Tory MP for Moray Douglas Ross has yet to back a parliamentary motion supporting the campaign – despite signing a pledge to support WASPI women when he was seeking election.

Ian Blackford MP said: “These women are guilty of nothing. They have had the misfortune of being female and being born in the 1950s and live under this UK government which refuses to do the right thing.

“We have long fought for the government to rectify this shambles and give the WASPI women the pension they rightfully deserve. I speak on behalf of these benches when I say we will not rest until this injustice has been rectified.

“This is an issue of equality. The UK government must take responsibility and do the right thing for these women who are missing out on their pension.

“Tory MP Douglas Ross, member for Moray, signed the WASPI pledge before the election and claimed he would be prepared to go against party orders on the issue.

“There has however been deafening silence from him on the matter since.

“In our debate, I will take the opportunity to remind Mr Ross of his duty to the 6,400 women in Moray constituency who are affected by his government’s legislative changes.

“And to the other Scottish Tory benches, I flag their attention to page 62 of the Scottish Conservative manifesto: “We will also ensure that the state pension age reflects increases in life expectancy, while protecting each generation fairly.”

“I sincerely welcome the backing of some 37 Conservative MPs who expressed support for the Women against State Pension Inequality before the general election. Including former Children’s Minister Tim Loughton and ex-Tory Chairperson Caroline Spelman.

“The Scottish Tories now must do the right thing and help deliver the generational fairness they pledged.”