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SNP MP Neil Gray today joined Stephen ‘Professor Green’ Manderson, and anti-poverty charities, to call on the UK government to end the scourge of child poverty.

The SNP Social Justice spokesperson hosted the musician for a Westminster parliament screening of his challenging BBC documentary ‘Professor Green: Living in Poverty’, followed by a discussion on the lasting impact of growing up in poverty in the UK with cross-party MPs, the End Child Poverty Coalition, Child Poverty Action Group, and New Economics Foundation.

At the APPG on Poverty event, Neil Gray said the Tory government was guilty of a “seven year assault on low income families” and called for urgent changes in policy, including an end to the benefit freeze, scrapping the two-child cap on tax credits, and building more social housing.

Commenting Neil Gray MP, SNP Social Justice spokesperson and Vice Chair of the APPG on Poverty, said: “It is a disgrace that under the Tories one in four children in the UK are now growing up in poverty – a figure set to rise by nearly one million children in the next five years if the UK government doesn’t change course.

“The Tories are guilty of a seven year assault on low income families, with policies that have squeezed incomes and worsened living standards.

“It is vital that the UK government urgently ends the benefit freeze, scraps the two-child cap on tax credits, and stops targeting austerity cuts at the poorest in our society.

“In Scotland, the SNP is taking action by announcing a new £50million Tackling Child Poverty Fund, introducing a Child Poverty Bill, building more social housing, and spending £100 million a year mitigating the welfare cuts inflicted by the UK government.

“The SNP are determined to eradicate child poverty and we are legislating to do so by 2030 – but the UK government must put an end to the Tory austerity policies that are driving ever more low income families into poverty.”

Stephen ‘Professor Green’ Manderson, said:  “I was extremely disappointed that not one representative from the government could make the time to attend today’s screening, not least of all because it’s their decisions which are largely to blame for the fact there are tens of thousands of parents who cannot afford to put a jacket on their child’s back as they return to school this week.

“It seems quite clear to me not Theresa May nor her party care about disadvantaged children.”

Disclaimer: This is an official press release from the Scottish National Party. Headline chosen by Welfare Weekly. Featured Image: NEFATRON via photopin cc