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Scottish Labour branded ‘shameless’ after refusing to back benefits boost for carers

Scottish Labour have been branded “shameless” after voting to hand Scotland’s carers a real-terms cut to their Carers Allowance.

The party voted against regulations to increase the Carers Allowance by the cost of living in 2019/20 – which, if the party were successful, would have meant a real-terms cut to carers incomes.

The vote, which will see the Carers Allowance rise by 2.4% from £64.60 to £66.15 per week, took place during a meeting of Holyrood’s social security committee.

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The process of uprating is to ensure that the social security payments keep up with the cost of living.

Using CPI to do this is widely recognised to be the much better measure to help us track changes in the cost of living.

Last year, the Scottish Government gave an extra £442 to over 77,000 carers through the Carer’s Allowance Supplement – an increase of 13%, and an investment in Scotland’s carers of over £33million.

Keith Brown MSP said: “It is shameless hypocrisy for Labour to vote against an uprating that will see a welcome increase in payments for carers this year.

“The Carer’s Allowance Supplement was introduced in recognition of the vital contribution that carers make to society, and has already made a direct difference to lives in Scotland – putting an additional £442 into the pockets of over 77,000 carers last year.

“It is imperative that the Labour Party stops acting as a roadblock on Scotland’s progress on social security, and instead works with the SNP to build a social security system with dignity and fairness at its heart – which the people of Scotland demand and deserve.

“The SNP – in stark comparison to Labour – has never shied away from our commitment to carers and our desire to recognise the work they do in our communities, unpaid and in what can often be difficult circumstances.”

Disclaimer: This is an official press release from the Scottish National Party (SNP).



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