Scottish Greens Pledge To Tackle Poverty And Roll Back Benefit Cuts

Scottish Greens have today (30 March) launched their 2015 general election manifesto, pledging to tackle poverty and rollback benefit cuts.

The party membership has surged to 8,500 members and they will be fielding candidates in the majority of Scotland’s 59 parliamentary seats.

Their general election manifesto includes key pledges to promote equality over poverty, protect public services and devolve more powers to local communities.

Councillor Maggie Chapman, Scottish Greens co-convener, said: “With a £10 minimum wage we could ensure no-one works in a job that keeps them in poverty.

“By rolling back benefits cuts and lifting the punishing sanctions regime, we can restore a society with compassion.

“And with real powers devolved to Scotland and to local communities we can put people not big business in control.”

Patrick Harvie MSP, Scottish Greens co-convener, said: “Everyone is tired of the same old Westminster politics.

“Scotland is ready for change and people are eager to vote for ideas they can believe in.

“The Green membership surge means we’re in a strong position to send principled voices to speak up for Scotland’s communities.

“Our bold vision for Scotland and the UK is a compelling offer that others simply can’t match.”

Peter McColl, Scottish Green MP candidate for the target seat of Edinburgh East, said the party would “tackle wealth inequality with a tax on the richest 1%”

The party also promised to return the railways to public ownership, abolish ‘Bedroom Tax’ and ‘Workfare’ (for example: the Work Programme), halt the rollout of Universal Credit and oppose the “corporate power grab which others are allowing to threaten our public services and environmental protections”.

“In the longer term we will build a welfare system which removes the stigma of benefits, helps end the ‘poverty trap’ and promotes equality'”, their manifesto says.

Adding: “A Citizens’ income is emblematic of this approach. A Citizen’s income will require a reform programme replace almost all benefits apart from disability payments with a simple regular payment to everyone.”

“Our clear, principled stance on such issues is connecting with voters across Scotland”, said Mr McColl.

Scottish Greens 2015 general election manifesto: ‘An economy for the people, a society for all‘ (pdf).