Holyrood - Edinburgh. Photo credit: DSC_0696 via photopin (license)

SNP Minister for Social Security Jeane Freeman has secured backing for an independent scrutiny body to support Scotland’s new social security system – ensuring it delivers on the important principles of dignity and respect.

The new Scottish Commission on Social Security was approved by a Holyrood Committee during Stage 2 of the Social Security Bill.

The Commission will take a rights-based approach to scrutiny of all regulations and legislation in relation to social security in Scotland and recommend improvements.

The Scottish Government has also made express provision to ensure that in terms of the Social Security Charter, the Commission can hear from representative groups as well as individuals.

Commenting, Ruth Maguire MSP, who sits on Holyrood’s Social Security committee said: “Establishing the independent Scottish Commission on Social Security is an important achievement that will ensure robust scrutiny of our new Scottish social security system.

“This amendment secured by Social Security Minister Jeane Freeman will ensure that people know that the principles of respect and dignity are embedded in social security legislation and ensure the expectations of the Charter are being met.

“The Scottish Commission on Social Security will form an important part of the new social security system in Scotland, helping fulfil the Scottish Government’s firm ambition to establish a system that works for the people of Scotland, in stark contrast to the Tories’ callous, failing welfare system in Westminster.”


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