photo credit: HM Treasury via photopin cc

Photo credit: HM Treasury via photopin cc

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  1. When Margaret Thatcher was in power she introduced the community charge commonly known as the polltax. Our council tax before the polltax came in was £200 , our wealthy neighbours paid £500. It was simple we had very modest wages, our neighbours were earning five times more than we were. With the polltax our tax went up by £300 ,our wealthy neighbours came down by £200. Even they said it did not seem fair or right . We know what happened next, not before people were getting into arrears and threatened with imprisonment. I thought this is what the conservatives are all about, making it harder for ordinary people, and giving tax cuts to the better off. . I wrote to parliament at the time, but just got the spiel of “well we all have to pay our taxes “.

  2. I find it unbelievable how some are surprised by this. Is the whole country made up of idiots, who can’t see Tory policy is designed to keep all the power and influence with their upper class friends and corporate donors? Why else would a chancellor do the worse thing imaginable for the economy by increasing VAT which makes everything more expensive to slow down spending, and other tax that affects the poor the most like bedroom tax. Then not spend any of that money on anything people want such as the NHS. Instead spend the same amount as the increased tax which affects the poor on giving millionaires tax cuts, while saying we’re all in it together and saying the NHS has to suffer? This is the party which voted against House of Lords reform, so their upper class friends could be entitled to be paid for doing nothing, with expenses and subsidised bars and restaurants, while voting against a minimum wage.

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