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  1. I remember explaining to my daughter’s friend when she asked
    me why I think conservatives love high unemployment, I told her because the
    bosses can pay low wages & if you refuse to work for them they can just
    sack you and get somebody else in as easy as that. Now since Iain Duncan Smith
    has been in charge of benefits the government force you to work for low wages
    & help out the evil corrupt Tory donators even more with sanctioned by the
    government slave labour

  2. Sanctions have been imposed in ridiculous circumstances Ask the man who collected for the poppy appeal and lost 3 months benefit

  3. Excuse me, “They are imposed on people who fail to keep appointments, reject jobs or walk out of jobs without good reason.” how can you print that without qualification?

    • I don’t think you understand if you have an appointment on Tuesday
      morning the job centre will send a letter out on Friday saying they have
      changed your appointment to Monday at 9 AM & if you don’t turn up your
      benefits will be sanctioned, you don’t receive the letter until Monday after 11
      AM so now your benefits have been sanctioned for not turning up who’s fault is
      that? These are just some of the tricks the job centre have been forced to play
      on people, there are lots of examples of this underhanded way people have been
      sanctioned, in the case of an ex- soldier who died because his benefits had
      been sanctioned & he couldn’t keep his instilling cooled, so not only is it
      underhand & immoral it is also killing people

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