Friday, November 27, 2020

Real Life

Disabled man found dead at Jobcentre within months of being declared ‘fit for work’ by the DWP

Campaigners have called for benefit assessments to be suspended after the man's sudden death.

MS sufferers failed by ‘humiliating’ and ‘incorrect’ PIP assessments, says charity

Charity says MS sufferers are being failed "at every stage" of the disability benefit assessment process.

Man wins Supreme Court ‘bedroom tax’ case

Supreme Court ruling offers hope to a number of disabled people hit by the cruel bedroom tax policy.

Universal Credit slammed as food bank use soars by 23%

Trussell Trust warns that more people than ever are being driven to food banks.

Food bank users forced to survive on just £50 a week after rent, research reveals

Trussell Trust calls on the UK Government to increase the value of social security payments.

Thousands of older people admit to skipping meals due to loneliness

Charity calls on the public to "step forward and make the difference".

DWP boss rejects calls for the sacking of Tory candidate who said benefit claimants should be ‘put down’

Ian Lavery MP: "This reveals the Conservatives’ contempt for the less well off."

Single parents trapped in low paid jobs with little chance of escaping poverty

Nearly half of children growing up in single parent families are living in poverty.

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