Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Real Life

DWP bosses pocket over £1 million in ‘performance bonuses’ after slashing benefits for Britain’s poorest

“It beggars belief that DWP chiefs are taking big handouts while families across the country are struggling."

I went on hunger strike for 47 days to highlight the struggles faced by people on Universal Credit

"The DWP is killing people, this welfare system is killing people, our government is not listening and not acting."

Soaring funeral costs forcing low-income families into the arms of loan sharks

Soaring cost of laying a loved-one to rest is fuelling an unprecedented rise in so-called "paupers funerals".

Disabled gran ‘virtually housebound’ after DWP slashed her vital benefits lifeline

She says the cruel decision has left her feeling "anxious" and "isolated" after she was also forced to return her mobility car.

Number of workers on ‘zero-hour contracts’ hits new record high

Close to one million people now count a "zero-hour contract" as their main job, new figures reveal.

Campaigners deliver open letter to Downing Street calling on Boris Johnson to fix failing PIP benefit

21,000 call on Boris Johnson to fix failing Personal Independence Payments for disabled people.

Woman who can collapse at any moment due to a rare heart condition is denied benefits

Gail Ward was told that she did not qualify for PIP payments, despite living with a potentially life-threatening heart condition.

Up to 2,000 terminally ill people have died awaiting DWP benefit decisions

Charities call for an end to the unfair 'six month rule'.

Young family with disabled child left homeless after benefits blunder

Council failed to correctly calculate the family's housing benefit entitlement and wrongly told landlord they owed £8,000 in overpaid benefits.

Pregnant homeless woman left to sleep on hard floor

Tower Hamlets council failed in their duty of care to protect a pregnant woman from homelessness.

Petition demanding that welfare slasher Iain Duncan Smith be denied a knighthood signed by thousands

Petition argues that rewarding Duncan Smith with a knighthood is an "insult" to the victims of cruel benefit cuts and welfare changes.

Care home owners refuse to refund family despite investigation finding mother was neglected

Workers abused and neglected an elderly resident in a Bradford care home.

Mental health tips for disabled people and those with chronic illness this Christmas

The general election result has left many disabled people and those with chronic illness feeling worried and drained.

Universal Credit worker stole more than £18,000 in benefits meant for the poor

A Universal Credit boss stole more than £18,000 in benefits meant for genunie claimants who are struggling to make ends meet, a court has been told. Judges heard how Rebecca Hanway, a Universal Credit Case Manager, abused her position to...

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