Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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Coronavirus: Food banks swamped with requests for emergency food aid

Demand for emergency food parcels has reached unprecented levels as COVID-19 ravages already struggling communities.

Domestic abuse referrals have doubled under Covid-19 lockdown, charity says

And it says much more needs to be done to provide safe havens for victims.

Children cut adrift as poverty leaves COVID-generation facing a perilous future

UK government urged to 'immediately increase household income for the least well off'.

Mother issues legal case after benefit cap wipes out Covid-19 universal credit increase

Benefit cap eliminated an increase in Universal Credit intended to help the mother and her children.

Disabled households left worse off on Universal Credit win breakthrough appeal case

Ruling could ultimately benefit thousands of disabled people whose legacy benefits were wrongly stopped.

Coronavirus lockdown could cause ‘long-term damage’ to children’s mental health, charity warns

Families encouraged to reach out for mental health support if they're struggling during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Universal Basic Income is no longer seen as a crazy utopian ideal but a necessary step to end poverty

Survey shows that 71% of Europeans support the idea of a universal basic income.

One in five UK households with children go hungry during Covid-19 lockdown

UK Government facing mounting pressure to strengthen the social security safety net.

Family of man who ‘starved to death’ after benefits stopped issue legal claim against DWP

Errol Graham was found dead in his flat weighing only four and a half stone.

Unpaid family carers ‘feel completely ignored’ by Government amid the Coronavirus pandemic

Government under pressure to increase the value of Carer's Allowance to help the UK's army of 6.5 million unpaid carers.

Coronavirus: Older people pressurised into signing ‘do not resuscitate’ forms, charities warn

"Shameful and unacceptable" policy must be abandoned immediately, say charities in a damning open letter.

‘Deeply worrying’ that families are struggling to pay energy bills during coronavirus crisis

Government urged to introduce an 'Emergency Coronavirus Energy Grant' to help struggling families.

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1.6 million households hit by £60 cut to benefits in just one month

DWP urged to scrap universal credit advance "loans" before thousands more are pushed into debt.

Tories warned of ‘mass unemployment’ as number of people out of work hits two-year high

UK government urged to extend the furlough scheme to protect workers.

Whingeing Lords demand hardship fund despite £162 daily allowance

Documents "expose the total privilege and sheer arrogance of unelected Lords at Westminster".

DWP to hire thousands of new work coaches amid Covid-19 job losses

"Getting Britain back to work as quickly as possible is vital", says DWP minister.

Universal Credit increase must be made permanent and extended to legacy benefits

Reversing the increase risks plunging 700,000 more people into poverty, report says.

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