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Should the UK public be given the final say on Brexit? – Poll

How is it undemocratic to say UK voters should get the final say on EU membership, once we know the details of the final deal?

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  1. Yes because the 2016 referendum has broken the UK because as a advisory poll there was no legal mandate for it to be acted on in any way. As the world settles into regional political, trade, customs and monetary unions then the UK will restart the decay in wealth that it delayed through the 40 years of being in the EU. At less than 1% of the world’s population it is absurd for the UK to think that it can trade with the other 99% whilst ignoring that the other 99% wants to trade with the other 99% and a good percentage of that other 99% are grouped into a small number of powerful regions that the UK just does not have the leverage to compete. Within the EU the UK has the backing of the world’s largest and most complex economic region. Outside the EU the UK will continue its decline.
    We need the new vote to undo the old vote because our politicians have ignored reason and have simply voted for their party political reasons. A new vote will result in a remain vote because the previous vote was the result of ignorance of the importance of the EU to the UK.

  2. obviously a waste of time trying to explain realities to a load of generation snowflake corbinites – at the end of the day more of us voted to leave than stay – that is the democratic process – accept it – if you love the EU superstate so much – go live there – if you love Britain – then stop complaining – join with us and make this work for the benefit of ALL – YOU have a choice be part of the solution – or be part pof the problem !! – thats all i am saying on this .. period

    • Why so afraid of continuing democracy? What of the Brit tradition that the opposition is Loyal, formally given a capital ‘L’ in recognition of that? That we disagree doesn’t make either of us a traitor. Democracy is a conflict resolution method. Not that it always works, but that’s why debate etc. is central to defending it.

      • I fear that there are many right now who bleat about sovereignty and being in a free country who would cheerfully shut down any debate.

        Although ‘If you don’t like it go and live somewhere else’ is probably the clearest admission of not having anything constructive to say.

    • You are clearly one of those computer programs in America, no British person would finish a paragraph by saying ‘period’.

  3. no – because we the people who bothered to vote – gave the politicos one job – get us OUT of the EU – we all KNOW it will be a fudge as politicos can never do anthing right – but if we have another vote – vested interest and the likes of blair will be interfering – we should have just told em we are gone – if you leave a club or a job you don’t “negotiate” – you just walk – should be the same with this – BUT as usual too many are thinking of their own ends rather than whats good for the country – and any demands for money from them should be met with the churchillian salute imo any spare cash should be spent on the NHS elderly care – disabled care etc – as it is the whole bloody system is falling to bits around us , only this week we are told if you have a hart attack or stroke you will now be waiting a min of 15 min or longer for an ambulance – the simple fact is folks THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE IN THE UK FOR THE SERVICES WE HAVE AVAILABLE – and why ?? because we have been sending millions a week to the eu – and for WHAT ????? AGAIN THE SIMPLE FACT IS we need every penny for our own people !!!! – SO NO MORE VOTES – NO MORE FAFFING AROUND GET USO out NOW – DEAL OR NO DEAL

    • I can’t believe that you are really that naïve. Do you really believe the lies on the side of the infamouse bus.

      • no i’m not naive – i knew that was a promise they would not keep – but this is not about one promise – its about 40 odd years of lies and decite of the british people – i voted NOT to go in to the eu ( yes i/m that old ) we where taken in there by the traitor HEATH – we where lied to THEN TOO and we have been lied to ever since – thats why i thank whatever daity you subscribe to that i have lived long enough to be able to vote to LEAVE – this is NOT about the politicos – it is about the will of the PEOPLE – and regardless of if you support may /corbyne or lord sutch – they have been given a directive by us – ( yes they turned it into a party political event and most of the sheepel fell for it hook line and sinker ) – either we live in a democracy or a dictatorship – you decide – i already have

      • You knew it was a promise they would not keep? So you knowingly voted for liars and thought they would deliver in the national interest. That’s very naive.

      • You seem rather confused about the whole concept of democracy.

        Why do you feel the need to resort to such histrionics, what is it about democracy that scares you?

      • Are you old by any chance? Yes, yes you are. Just wait a few more years, none of this will be any of your concern.

        You’re wrong by the way, there’s plenty of room, we need the labourers and the money’s been cut from the NHS by thieves in government. Not that little things like truth are going to bother you. Fuzzie wuzzies is it? Lots of little dark people running around? Want it to go back to how it used to be?

        A non-vote is not assent in constitutional matters, that was true in the Scottish referendum, it should have been made clear in the Brexit one. A minority voted for Brexit (and by Christ do you ever shut up about it). The Brexit vote was for “no”. Which is clearly what you’re getting. Start getting used to it.

    • Really, are you still obsessing about the EU? We’re not leaving. Now go and find another hobby. One that won’t give you apoplexy.

    • Many saw the referendum as a bit of tactical (and foolish) political games by the Tories. But we had it and by democratic process we are where we are today. But our democratic process is a continuous one. Those who still passionately want to remain within the EU are entitled to push for it. So democracy brought us the referendum and political process and democracy will oversee the final outcome. We may leave or we may find a way to remain. A referendum on the details of the final deal would be entirely democratic and reasonable. It is still a long shot but it is what many of us will continue to try and bring about. And I’m not active politically just a retired Met Police officer who feels passionate and patriotic and wants to remain in the EU.

    • Leaving with no deal will wreck the economy. That is far far more than the actually quite small amount sent to the EU (if you look at it as a proportion of the total amount or as the amount per person). No one has been lying to you except the leave campaign. See if you can work out who funded the Brexit campaign and who will benefit. Unless you are very rich with offshore funds to evade tax, it won’t be you (or me).


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