Saturday, January 16, 2021

Press Releases

Time Has Come To Dispel The Myth Of ‘Feckless’ Young People, UKCES Claims

The UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) is calling for more to be done to dispel the myth of 'feckless' young people.

New Minimum Wage Is ‘A Disgrace’, Says Unite

Unite said that it was disgraceful that the coalition had allowed wage rates for council workers to drop to the NMW level.

Tories ‘Ruthlessly Targeting The Poor And Vulnerable’, Say Greens

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne’s plans for a two year benefits freeze will once again penalise the most vulnerable in our society, says the Green Party

New Benefit Rules Will Push Thousands ‘Into A Financial Black-Hole’

New rules which force unemployed people to wait seven days to claim benefits will push thousands into the arms of payday lenders, warn SNP.

Breaking: NHS Staff Vote To Strike Against ‘Destructive’ 1% Pay Offer – Unite

Besides the four-hour strike between 07.00 and 11.00 on 13 October, Unite members in England will be working to rule and adhering to the 37.5 hour week

We Need An £8 Minimum Wage NOW – Not Later, Say Unite

Independent report says £1.50 increase in minimum wage in 2015 is affordable

Reeves: We’ll Uphold The ‘Principles Of Our Welfare State’

Rachel Reeves MP outlines the future of the welfare state under a Labour government, including scrapping the 'bedroom tax' and reforming 'fit for work' tests.

Treasury Committee Should Investigate ‘Jekyll And Hyde’ UK Jobs Market, Say Unite

Rosy picture painted by ministers masks the true nature of unemployment, such as the people ‘forced’ into so-called self-employment to get them off benefits, say Unite.

Exempt The NHS From ‘Controversial’ EU-US Trade Deal, Say Unite

A controversial EU-US trade deal could make the "sell-off of our treasured NHS permanent", say Unite.

Self-Harm And Suicide Attempts Soar On NHS Wards, Say Labour

Labour Party Media Release: More patients are self-harming and attempting suicide in NHS hospitals, new figures reveal. Data obtained by Labour’s Luciana Berger MP, Shadow Minister for Public Health, show the number of suicide attempts and self-harm incidents in mental health...

Unite Ballots NHS Staff For Strike Action Over ‘Insulting’ Pay Offer

Unite, the country’s largest union, is balloting its members over possible strike action in the autumn over the government’s ‘insulting’ pay offer

UK Welfare Cuts Putting Scottish Children At Risk – SNP

Scottish National Party (SNP) Media Release: The SNP has today highlighted a report by leading charities showing that Westminster’s welfare cuts are putting children in danger. Today’s Herald reports Barnardo's Scotland and NSPCC Scotland are also warning that the Scottish Government’s...

Majority Of Social Security Cuts Fall On Working Families, Say TUC

Welfare reforms spectacularly fail the Prime Minister’s new family test, says TUC.

Labour Need To Dramatically Increase Health Visitor Numbers, Say Unite

An incoming Labour government will dramatically need to increase the number of health visitors to repair the damage of the coalition’s austerity measures, say Unite.

Labour Branded A ‘Disgrace’ Over Backing Tory Welfare Cuts In Scotland

The SNP has condemned Labour MSPs for failing to vote against Tory welfare cuts at the Scottish Parliament.

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