Wednesday, October 21, 2020


Scotland is facing a ‘cost of living crisis’, charity warns

UK Government is under mounting pressure to introduce an emergency 'universal basic income'.

How to get a non-repayable £500 emergency coronavirus grant

The grant can be used to cover vital living costs such as food and bills.

Coronavirus: Mediocre welfare system is putting vulnerable people’s lives at risk

SNP call for a strengthening of UK welfare protections in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Government urged to introduce ‘universal basic income’ after Spain move

Vital measure would fix gaps and ensure no one is left behind, say SNP.

Universal Credit needs “emergency boost” or thousands more will be pushed into poverty

Coronavirus: “If we don’t urgently boost Universal Credit many risk being plunged into poverty," says TUC.

‘Deeply worrying’ that families are struggling to pay energy bills during coronavirus crisis

Government urged to introduce an 'Emergency Coronavirus Energy Grant' to help struggling families.

Coronavirus: Emergency support package needed to save ‘children of the pandemic’

Vulnerable children are at risk of becoming "unseen victims" of the coronavirus pandemic, think tank warns.

Poor kids to be given food vouchers during coronavirus outbreak

Announcement comes after poverty campaigners called for an increase to child benefit.

UK poverty charity launches ‘crisis appeal’ in response to coronavirus devastation

Charity sees 520% increase in number of people seeking benefits advice due to coronavirus crisis.

Urgent action still needed to support self-employed, says poverty charity

Government plans don't go far enough and Universal Credit should not be seen as a viable solution for the self-employed.

Self-employed to be offered grants of up to £2,500 a month – but they’ll have to wait until June

Coronavirus support package for the self-employed 'fails to deliver for many households already in difficulty.'

“We are facing a child poverty crisis,” charity warns

Plea to increase benefits as 100,000 more children are pushed into poverty.

Tax the rich to fund ‘Universal Basic Income’

Coronavirus crisis shows why the government were wrong to under-value so-called 'low skilled' workers, says Plaid Cymru MP.

SNP demand improved Coronavirus support for self-employed and unemployed

Government must ensure "no one is left behind", says SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford.

Poverty charity responds to Coronavirus with updated Benefits Calculator

Turn2us urges anyone who may lose income as a result of coronavirus to use their Benefits Calculator and claim their entitlements.

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