Tuesday, October 27, 2020


One in four UK adults at risk of hunger and potential malnutrition following lockdown

Families are struggling to afford and access enough food during the Coronavirus pandemic, survey finds.

Boris Johnson lied about falling child poverty rates, SNP claim

PM accused of falsely claiming that child poverty rates are declining.

Labour MP slams ‘abhorrent’ Tory two-child benefits limit for ‘plunging thousands of children into poverty’

Around 5.2 million children are expected to be living in poverty in the UK by 2022.

Unpaid carers twice as likely to have used a food bank during lockdown

"The Government must acknowledge the impact the pandemic is having on carers’ finances."

Two-thirds of families on Universal Credit pushed into debt during lockdown

Government urged to increase to the child element of Universal Credit and Child Tax Credit.

Marcus Rashford forces Tories into humiliating U-turn on free school meals

Marcus Rashford: "Just look at what we can do when we come together".

New Universal Credit claimants facing hardship and ‘skipping meals’ due to five-week wait

Citizens Advice calls for urgent changes to the minimum five-week wait for Universal Credit.

Coronavirus: Food banks swamped with requests for emergency food aid

Demand for emergency food parcels has reached unprecented levels as COVID-19 ravages already struggling communities.

Children cut adrift as poverty leaves COVID-generation facing a perilous future

UK government urged to 'immediately increase household income for the least well off'.

Universal Basic Income is no longer seen as a crazy utopian ideal but a necessary step to end poverty

Survey shows that 71% of Europeans support the idea of a universal basic income.

Coronavirus pandemic has widened the gender pay gap, say poverty campaigners

Women hit harder than men by the economic fallout of the Coronavirus outbreak.

One in five UK households with children go hungry during Covid-19 lockdown

UK Government facing mounting pressure to strengthen the social security safety net.

81% surge in foodbank use sparks calls for a stronger welfare safety net

Coalition of charities call for a 'Coronavirus Emergency Income Support Scheme' to help protect low-income households.

Family of man who ‘starved to death’ after benefits stopped issue legal claim against DWP

Errol Graham was found dead in his flat weighing only four and a half stone.

Nearly 11 MILLION children at risk of Coronavirus poverty as campaigners demand benefit changes

More than two-thirds of UK children are living in households where their parents’ employment has been affected by Covid-19.

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