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    • You cannot get fresh veg from a food bank. its all tinned and packet . i drop off food all the time and all you see is non perishable goods.
      And i am afraid when the working tax credit sanctions kick in, a lot more families will be relying on food banks and so many more kids will have a poor diet.
      People with no money cannot refuse unhealthy free food. their children have to eat. something Ian Duncan Smith or any other Tory fails to understand when it comes to the poorer households.

  1. The majority reason is that poor people are more likely to be on high trans fat diets often on the medical advice that “unsaturated fats are good for you”. Transfats cause insulin resistance, the metabolic syndrome (most obesity), type 2 diabetes, CV disease, Alzheimers etc. etc. etc.. Obesity is deliberately inflicted and vectored at the poor to profit the medical industry.

  2. Disgusting and then those in charge are trying top tell us all is hunky dory. It’s an abominable situation to be in as a country. Maybe Cameron and his mates should live on that amount of money for a whil.

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