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Too Poor To Eat: Man Reduced To Tears As He Describes Being Unable To Afford Food

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This is the heartbreaking moment Mike from New Cross called LBC radio to describe how he has had to live off a tin of spaghetti a day a day and is forced to root through supermarket bins to survive.

Speaking to LBC radio Mike says: “I live in a tiny room, and what you get covers just what you need, and you have to go to food banks, and sometimes I’m living off a tin of spaghetti a day, or a tin of beans, and there are people out there who really are struggling, and it’s not fun.

“For these people to sit there to say oh go and get a job – I’m out there every day, looking and searching, and you know you’re trying to do it on your own, but you can’t, and it gets harder and harder.

“You’re just trying to get by. Some days I can’t eat. I don’t eat.”

He added: “I’ve found myself looking in bins. Hanging round the back of supermarkets taking stuff that they’ve thrown away.

“I don’t have a telly, I have a tiny little radio – and to buy batteries for that is an extravagance for me.”

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  1. This could be and in all likely hood will be you and I one day. How sad it is that people and govt.’s pass laws to prevent others from helping these people, so that only the govt. can say they lend them a hand to make others believe that govt. is good. It is bad govt. and bad banking that has led these people and many more to come, including perhaps you and I to this situation.

  2. The world accepted Liberalism in 1789, and now the whole Liberal delusion is collapsing and it may take Western Civilization with it.

    • What the Heck does his plight have to do with ” Liberalism ”

      “liberalism, political doctrine that takes protecting and enhancing the freedom of the individual to be the central problem of politics.”

      ‘By definition’, Maurice Cranston rightly points out, ‘a liberal is a man who believes in liberty’ (1967: 459).

      “I am normally said to be free to the degree to which no man or body of men interferes with my activity. Political liberty in this sense is simply the area within which a man can act unobstructed by others.”

      “You lack political liberty or freedom only if you are prevented from attaining a goal by other human beings (Berlin, 1969: 122).”

      However, I am sure that you are happy (and smug) , now that you have a “…ism” to blame.

      Choose another one, maybe people will understand better.

      • Thank you for the elaboration, PJ. I am glad we agree. You said, “”liberalism, political doctrine that takes protecting and enhancing the freedom of the individual to be the central problem of politics” Precisely. The main reason why the world is so F-ed up today – and the reason why this gentleman can’t afford to eat – is because any religion or ideology that places the INDIVIDUAL in the center of the universe is false, immoral and evil. There is no such thing as an “individual” as such – you are the product of a FAMILY – a mommy and a daddy. The individual is NOT the fundamental unit of society as Liberalism and the Endarkenment teach; rather, it is the FAMILY that is the fundamental unit of society.

      • But my mommy and daddy died 20 years ago. Now what do I do?
        Of course one could ask was my mommy-daddy-me family hot in fact a grouping of 3 individuals?
        the current government has bought into your concept, in that if an individual, commits a crime, his/her whole family will be deported, whether they condoned or even knew about the crime is irrelevant.
        I am sure that you are happy that you have your government on your side.

  3. I thought we were a civilized country wherein we are to help each other along life’s path? It appears I am deluded. I am not really, I live in the real world. As I am 96% bed bound I can constantly keep an ear to the ground through various avenues. It is shocking what is happening to people and I get the impression ‘those’ people don’t give a damn.

  4. And what makes it worse is that because whatever you do to try and get out of the situation you are in but can’t you become more and more depressed which makes it worse and the NHS do not have the facilities to help people with deep depression.
    The response from this government is to cut peoples benefits and sack people to save money yet it makes it worse for everyone in the long run except the rich and big companies.

    There is little help out there for people in this situation and the help there is the government want to close down.

    I am in a similar situation with no training where I am and no jobs and hardly any public transport. I have to make do on £74 a week ESA as I have a collapsed back yet this does not pay the bills and I will be on this for life as I need a operation to rebuild my spine but how do I get to see the surgeon a hundred miles away as I am not entitled to hospital transport and can’t get there by public transport and if I could I still don’t have the money to pay for travel and wait 3 months to get it back if I am lucky. Then where do I get all the things I need for my stay in hospital?

    Are we all scroungers like the government says we are? No we paid into the benefits system to get help when we needed it only to be denied any proper help when we needed it and it is only going to get worse as I see that even people on ESA are now poing to have to work for free on the governments workfare scheme even when we can’t work.

    • Andy Gammage, you are so right about the depression getting worse & having suffered from this most of my life I’m really struggling to get through the days. I had to stop working last year as my back couldnt take it any more, over 10 years I worked labour-intensive jobs, 2-3 at a time as I raised my 3 kids alone.Outside of work I never stopped, building projects, gardening etc, now even bending to brush teeth is excruciating & doctors refuse to send me for an MRI scan or sign me up to the pain clinic nor even writing a truthful statement for my appeal. I got declared fit-for-work and taken off ESA which I’m appealing but my mental health has plummeted as has physical. They just don’t believe I’m in so much pain,advising me to get on with it which I did for a long time until I couldn’t go on.
      My financial situation has collapsed & we were always just getting by really, we have to find somewhere else to live as rents unmanageable & we live remote with no public transport. Like you I’ve paid into the system & been thrown to the dogs like so many, it’s very disheartening, my kids have just left school & I can’t support them at this time apart from being here for them. I’m sorry your back is so bad & that you would struggle to fulfill all the necessaries for travel etc, is there any way you could get travel-expenses? My first post I hope this is ok for this site.
      We do get that here in the Highlands as people have 100’s of miles to travel to hospitals. If I could be back in my crappy jobs I would be as this limbo-existence is awful, just getting used to living on less each day & grateful we have food & shelter as I’ve lived in my car with babies, lived in tent, have lived with very little in the past & I still cook on my fire but I fear for folk with all-electric & keeping warm without it. Where are all these magical job-opportunities anyway? I do hope you get some help towards helping your spine. Have you heard of warm home discount scheme? it runs all over UK.

      • Hi Mary Lyon I am sorry to hear of your demise but in theory in Scotland there is a chance that things can change. It would seem that you have the same back problem as me and many others. I was diagnosed with degenerative back disorder 20 years ago and it has been getting worse all this time. Even 4 years ago I saw a training GP who happened to be a registrar for the spinal unit at a big hospital who said they would not refer me to the consultant as he would not put me on his waiting list untill I was in a wheelchair. I had to put up with what I was told were slipped discs several times a year untill April this year when the slipped disc would not go away and eventualy got the MRI scan which showed 4 collapsed vertibrae and crushed discs. I have been on the ESA priority list for a medical to decide which group I should be in since June and have not had a date yet but when they do decide my money will go up depending on the group I am put in. I do have a PIP medical in 8 days and hope I get PIP which will help but these benefits should be a government priority for everyone as people can not live without them yet the waiting time gets longer and longer.

        It has taken me 3 years to get on the warm front scheme which they say will pay out in March.

        I like you have worked in heavy jobs outside in all weathers and want to get another job asap but the longer I am on benefits the more employers will not want you.
        Nothing will get better untill people realise just how bad things have gotten in this country despite the government saying things are getting better and that people like us are scroungers is not true and that they could end up like us.

  5. I had to wonder is this for real, he sounded so desperate and sad, a human being should not have to be reduced to this. some of the public might say he is weak, I think he is brave and i sincerely hope he gets help and support , George Osbourne says we have to live within our means, and yet they have plenty of money for their projects. i suspect this government think no one should be given help and that people who need help are useless eaters not fit to live in society.

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