WASPI women protest outside Parliament over state pension changes. Photo: WASPI Campaign/Twitter

The SNP Leader at Westminster has said the Prime Minister must ‘end the injustice’ for women facing pensions inequality.

Ian Blackford MP raised the issue at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday – in the week that marked the 100th anniversary of the suffragette movement winning the right for some women to vote for the first time in UK elections.

Speaking during PMQs, he said the suffragette movement was about “democracy, equality and fairness for women”. But in the UK today, 3.8 million women will not receive the pension they were told they are entitled to.

Mr Blackford says WASPI (Women Against State Pension Inequality) women are still adversely hit by the Tories’ failure to address the injustice of the acceleration of the increase to the state pension age.

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Commenting, Ian Blackford MP said: “Yesterday we celebrated the suffragette movement in parliament, but today in the UK women are still facing inequality with 3.8 million not receiving the pension they were due through no fault of their own.

“WASPI women are guilty of nothing. They have had the misfortune of being female and being born in the 1950s and live under this UK government who refuses to do the right thing.

“A vote in the House of Commons last November received unanimous cross-party support – 288 – 0 – calling on the UK Government to do the right thing.

“We have long fought for the government to rectify this shambles and give the WASPI women the pension they rightfully deserve.

“The Prime Minister needs to do her bit for gender equality and right this wrong.”

Responding to Mr Blackford’s question at PMQ’s, PM Theresa May said: “As people are living longer, it is important that we equalise the pension age of men and women. We are doing that, and we are doing it faster.

“We have already acted to give more protection to the women involved. An extra £1 billion has been put in to ensure that nobody will see their pension entitlement changed by more than 18 months. That was a real response to the issue that was being addressed.

“If the right hon. Gentleman wants to talk about equality, he has to recognise the importance of the equality of the state pension age between men and women.”