Plaid Pledges To End Austerity And Unleash Wales’ Economic Potential

Plaid Cymru are launching their manifesto with a pledge to end austerity and unleash Wales' economic potential.

Photo credit: Plaid. / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood is expected to say today (Tuesday) that her party would unleash Wales’ economic potential and end austerity cuts.

Her comments come ahead of party’s manifesto launch in Arfon today, which is expected to include three key priorities of securing more powers and resources for Wales, ending “swingeing” austerity and rebalancing the economy through targeted investment.

Leanne Wood will say that only Plaid Cymru has Wales best interests at heart and that Labour’s commitment to austerity means they do not deserve a majority in parliament.

Plaid has already announced plans for an alliance with the SNP and Green Party. All three believe they may hold the balance of power in the event of a hung parliament after May’s general election.

The Party of Wales leader Leanne Wood said: “Only Plaid Cymru has policies made in Wales, by people in Wales, for people in Wales.

“We have Wales’ interests at heart as is proven by the record of the party’s MPs at Westminster.

“People in Wales are rightly sceptical of the rhetoric of the establishment parties. The four Westminster leaders offer us nothing more than further swingeing cuts to our public services and no commitment to securing an economic recovery for all.

“But this election provides Wales with an unprecedented opportunity. There will very likely be another hung parliament in May and the direction of the next government could come down to how strong a presence Plaid Cymru secures in Parliament at the election.

“The people of Wales can have faith in us. If Plaid Cymru holds the balance of power, we’ll rebalance power and wealth throughout the UK.  Away from the financial sector in the City of London and to communities such as those in Wales who need investment.

“We will fight for Wales every day and secure equality for our country with the other nations of the UK so we have the tools and the resources to unleash Wales’ economic potential and work towards world-class public services.”