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Robert Halfon, Conservative MP for Harlow, has been campaigning for four years for an end to what he calls “a shameful stealth tax on the poor, the vulnerable, the needy and the sick”.

He has uncovered the fact that almost half NHS Hospitals fail even to offer parking concessions to disabled drivers while charges at some NHS hospitals can be as high as £300 PER WEEK.

The online petition, launched by Howard Cox, Founder of FairFuel UK, has received over 23,000 signatures and is backed by major charities and motoring organisations.

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Howard Cox said “FairFuelUK Supporters in their thousands want hospital parking fees to be scrapped.

“The highest taxed motorists in the world are sick to death of continuing hits in their pockets, even more so when they are sick or visting those they love in hospital.

“These charges hit those on low incomes and the most vulnerable the hardest.”

The petition will be hand-delivered to No.10 Downing Street at 10am on Sunday 10 September.