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  1. I am sick of the government/council when it comes to council tax. I didn’t mind paying a share, even though I am a pensioner and was paying nothing. But after paying my council tax regularly I received a bill for£600 for not paying the correct council tax for 3 years, although I had visited the One Stop Shop several times with all the paperwork that they require every time you get a rise in your pension.

    They said it was our fault as we hadn’t advised them of my partners change of benefit status (from ESA income based to ESA contribution based) although the copy of the letter from the DLA was in the papers that I had requested from the council.

    I went to court and explained the situation and was told they didn’t think it was right. So I started collating more information but I was summonsed again to the court and could not attend because I was at a tribunal on another matter. The council would not change the date so I was tried in my absence and the council were awarded an order to be able to send in the bailiffs. So I had no other recourse but to make an arrangement to pay this amount in installments.

    It’s the way they browbeat you that gets me. They know that my partner is terminally ill yet they keep on and on until you just can’t take anymore. It’s easier to say “I’ll pay I just can’t take the letters and the phone calls” even when this is causing some hardship.

    Sorry about the rant but feel better for saying it.

  2. No new news here I have seen on national news people queuing up outside Magistrates Court waiting for their turn to be up before the ‘beak’ for now payment of council tax and rent. How Dodgy Dave and Nasty Nick can sleep at night is beyond me

    • Sleep they do and how they enjoy what they are doing and if re-elected what more damage they can inflict upon our fellow countrymen/women.

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