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Petition Demands Optional State Pension Retirement Age

Campaigners are calling on Labour to give men and women the right to retire at 60 years-of-age.

Welfare Weekly – Issue 27 (18/04/2015)

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from Welfare Weekly.

GE2015: Labour’s Welfare Policies Revealed

Here we outline some of Labour's key policies in relation to welfare and other important issues relevant to our readers.

‘Scammers See Pensioners As A Prime Target’, Warns Charity

Older people are swiftly becoming 'prime targets' for pension pot scammers, a leading advice charity has warned.

Don’t Expect Benefits If You Spend Your Pension, Warns DWP

Savers who cash in and spend their pension pot should not expect to be able to claim means-tested benefits, the DWP warns.

Benefit Claimants ‘Fleeced’ By Rip-Off 0845 Helplines

Millions of pensioners and benefit claimants are being "fleeced" by rip-off 0845 helplines.

Welfare Weekly – Issue 17 (07/02/2015)

This weeks biggest welfare related news stories from Welfare Weekly.

Pensioners Should ‘Opt In’ To Receive Winter Fuel Payments, Says Think Tank

The think tank Policy Exchange also recommends "relaxing" benefit sanctions, "by issuing pre-paid benefit cards as a non-financial warning".

Letters: 1.6 Million Pensioners Will See A State Pension Rise Of Just 87p

Labour’s Parliamentary candidate for Macclesfield has called on David Cameron to be open and honest with pensioners

90+ Year-Old Gran Ordered To Attend Jobcentre Interview

Facebook reacted with astonishment yesterday after it was revealed that a 90+ year-old gran had been ordered to attend a jobcentre interview.

State Pension Increase Not Enough To Live On, Campaign Group Says

National Pensioners Convention warns 2.5% increase not enough for cost of living, adding pension left to wither on the vine

Government Needs A New Strategy To End Pensioner Poverty, Says Age UK

Age UK say that pensioners are missing out on benefits they are entitled too because of lack of awareness, stigma and overcomplicated claim forms.

DWP Rakes In Nearly £120,000 From ‘Rip-Off’ Helplines

Iain Duncan Smith is facing mounting pressure to explain why his department is raking in thousands of pounds from some of Britain's poorest citizens.

39% Of Britons Cannot Afford A Private Pension, Survey Shows

39% of respondents to a ComRes survey said the primary reason they did not have a private pension was because it was unaffordable.

50,000 Scottish Pensioners Lose Benefits, Say SNP

50, 000 of Scotland's poorer pensioners who have saved for their retirement are now substantially worse off due to UK government cuts.

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