Tuesday, October 27, 2020


Reduce state pension age to boost jobs for the young

Giving early access to the state pension could reduce the pressure on 16-24-year olds to find employment and reduce the future skills gap, say leading tax advisory firm Blick Rothenberg. David Hough, a business...

More than half a million UK pensioners missing out on free TV licences

Over 75's urged to claim their Pension Credit entitlement to get a free TV licence.

Scrap state pension triple lock to help pay for coronavirus lockdown, says think tank

Fear that working-age adults will be made to bear the brunt of spending cuts after the coronavirus crisis.

UK pensioners receive the lowest state pension in the developed world

Budget 2020: Chancellor urged to 'deliver for older people' in his upcoming budget statement.

More than 6 MILLION employees still don’t have a workplace pension

New official figures show need to extend auto-enrolment to all employees, says TUC.

Labour pledges £58bn ‘compensation package’ for women hit by state pension age hike

Payouts of up to £31,000 will be made to millions of women hit by the state pension age hike.

‘Pensionless Pensioner’ Brands UK Government Most Brutal ‘Regime’ In Living Memory

Woman stripped of her right to state pension says the UK Government doesn't care whether vulnerable people live or die.

MPs criticise ‘poorly communicated’ state pension changes

State pension changes have been so poorly communicated than many have no idea whether they will be better or worse off, say MPs.

Budget 2016: Charities Respond To Osborne’s Austerity Addiction

Leading charities respond to measures announced in the budget, or in some cases the lack of.

Under-40s Worse Off As Result Of State Pension Changes, Data Shows

According to government figures, while many older people will benefit in the coming years, millions now in their teens, 20s and 30s will lose out.

Inquiry Launched Into New State Pension

People with less than 10 years of National Insurance contributions will no longer receive any State Pension.

Owen Smith: I Won’t Let Iain Duncan Smith Play Politics With People’s Lives

Owen Smith MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, gives a speech to the Labour Party Annual Conference.

£3.7 BILLION In Pensioner Benefits Remain Unclaimed Each Year

Around £3.7 BILLION in benefits meant for struggling pensioners go unclaimed each year, according to Age UK.

Universal Credit Could Turn Working Families Into ‘Second Class Savers’

"The harsh treatment of savings in Universal Credit will turn many working families into ‘second class savers’", says the Resolution Foundation.

Thousands Of British Pensioners Facing ‘Financial Ruin’, Experts Warn

Thousands of British pensioners are facing the stark reality of 'financial ruin', just four weeks into the new Pensions Scheme Act.

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