I read with interest this morning the article published in Welfare Weekly and other newspapers, regarding the parenting of children and the suggestion “Parenting Vouchers” may be issued (David Cameron: Parents Should Be Taught How To Control Children).

May we, as part of a group of experienced parents, grandparents and carers offer some advice to the Prime Minister.

Children thrive best in an environment where their families are not constantly under stress from poverty due to low wages, zero hour contracts, long working hours, high rents, debt and benefit sanctions.

Parents need occasional time out (we are not referring to the time out many MP’s are accustomed to, where children are sent to boarding school). Children benefit from visiting an absent parent or grandparents, often impossible these days due to the bedroom tax.

Parents could spend more time nurturing their children instead of worrying about the threat to their health and safety from fracking, air pollution, flooding, pedophiles and an underfunded NHS.

Funding channeled into a more encompassing, education system, where young people could express their creative talents and energy, would also help considerably. The threat of massive student debt worries parents, as it discourages and disheartens young people, preventing some from realising their true potential.

In conclusion, parents and families don’t need vouchers to assist in the parenting of their children, they need this incompetent government to stop thwarting their best efforts at every turn, with destructive policies and under investment.

This Conservative government has a lot of work to do, to address the damage and distress caused to families in the U.K. and overseas. We suggest they concentrate on the issues outlined in this letter, rather than lecture parents, trying against all odds to raise their children, by insulting them with vouchers, not worth the paper they’re written on.


Elaine Dyson – Member of the Corbyn 50+ Supporters Group (Facebook)

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