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  1. People do not need to ask who will be effected by the next round of welfare cuts. they already know. I predict another 1 million will face benefit sanctions in the next parliament for the slightest of reasons. i also predict many thousands of Disabled will be thrown off DLA and Mobility Payments as the New PIP system is introduced and those who were entitled before go through it and are refused entitlement to PiP. We have had 40 suicides related directly to benefit withdrawal. Between 2015 and 2020 i expect that number to double at the very least and treble at the most. I also expect another round of the Disability Hate campaign in the media who are the propaganda machine for the The Establishment..
    When people vote at this election they have to remember if they Vote Tory they are voting in favour of a Disability Hate Campaign being increased to the point that the weakest members of our society see Suicide as there only alternative to the abuse by Government.

  2. Who cares they don’t AND how can you run an election when won’t reveal where the welfare cuts are coming from. Maybe we need to speak to the European human rites people

    • Jenny I can make the saving without even touching welfare in anyway. between 2015 and 2018 £38 Billion pounds is earmarked for Foreign aid. I would take £4 Billion a year from foreign aid to reach the £12 Billion Target by 2018.
      Foreign aid gives no value whatsoever to the UK.
      So to me any cuts in spending should start and continue until every last penny has been taken from the Foreign aid Give away.
      This Tory led Government has spent neatly £70 Billion on foreign aid since 2010.yet introduced the harshest welfare reform in the History of welfare under the need to save money.
      How is it fair to take from our own people whilst throwing countless billions overseas to foreigners who refuse to sort their own country’s economic mess out. Places like Africa and India and Pakistan will not sort themselves out whilst the rest of the world pays them not to.

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