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  1. It seems to me that Osborne already has told us how a great deal of welfare is going to be cut:

    How so?

    The private individuals access to their pension funds and annuities as a cash payment.

    Simple. Should an employed individual be laid off or a sick/disabled person be living on means tested welfare they/their families now (annuities from next year) have access to funds which will to some extent prevent them receiving welfare. For example a 55 year old man who finds himself out of contributory JSA then has to claim means tested welfare. As he can now claim his pension fund as a cash lump sum (say £25,000) and he is deemed to have this capital. Further this capital is deemed to generate 21% interest per year or £100.96 per week so his benefit is reduced by this amount.

    IDS has also talked about making DLA/PIP taxable. Done in this simplistic way this can result in a loss of benefit (or tax liability) of £9 per week for a claimant receiving higher rate care and mobility components (plus contributory ESA) and more for those with other incomes e.g. pension. Further it would lead to a loss of child tax credit within a family with children. In some cases this could amount to a 100% loss of CTC.

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