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  1. Did you not notice that it said the disable was exempt from this? Is it reasonable for someone not working to be given more money than someone working full time?

    • But Kevin the majority of benefit claimants do not get 20k a year..For the majority its no where near that amount with everything added together . Like I said in previous post this Government had whipped up the UK into a media Frenzy now all working people believe that welfare claimants ALL get 26k (20k) per year. The only people who get excess amounts are those with extra large families living in extra large homes in the South East of the UK . Families with the an average sized family DO NOT get it.

      • Then if the majority don’t get the max then reducing the maximum will not affect them. I never could understand why the government pays people to have kids. If you can afford to have a kid you can have one. Don’t expect the country to pay for them. Especially if you are on Benefits. Maybe a study needs to be done to see how many children raised on benefits continue living on benefits.

  2. As a severely disabled person I want to put on record that I and people like me do not get anywhere near this amount of money. Neither would I want to. However the punitive measures detailed here for families will hit them hard. How do I know? Well austerity has already put up my unavoidable costs up by a total of £4000 per year.

    • This arrogant idiot doesn,t care !! as long as his rich chums aren,t affected he doesn,t give a stuff. The Tory Gov have stirred this country up into a media frenzy by spouting rubbish about WELFARE CLAIMERS having their benefits capped at 26k !! What they don,t say and haven,t said is that only those with extremely large families may get somewhere in the region of !! They have implied we all get that much Jenny. We don,t get anywhere near this amount… neither will we ever !!! They imply all benefit claimers have never worked we are all lazy bone idle rat bags living off taxpayers money. I worked for over 35 years for 28 of those I worked un -sociable hours in the hotel industry and around 70 to 80 hours 6 days a week!!! looked after 5 kids and my husband along with our home… the condition I have now was brought on by the kind of work I did for all those years and is degenerative, I worked as long as I could and I was given early retirement on medical grounds at 52 years old. Since then my husband developed Renal Cancer I have nursed him through this and the treatment he under went has left him with a chronic chest disease, now I am his full time carer as his needs are worse than my own, so I for one along with you Jenny will not be made to feel guilty and by no means are we lazy or bone idle.

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