photo credit: HM Treasury via photopin cc

Photo credit: HM Treasury via photopin cc

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  1. Obviously they are. They were asked about the welfare bill and reluctantly had to admit the highest chunk is retired people. These folk heave paid into the system for all their working life and we should be honoring them rather than clumping them with welfare to increase the perception that welfare recipients are a load of lazy scroungers

  2. What a manipulative use of statistics, yes they have separated State
    pensions, however they have not isolated Local Housing Allowance
    (Housing Benefit) or Working Tax credit. The first being in the majority
    paid to ‘Working’ peeps, the latter entirely for working peeps.

    Move those in to their own sections and the public will see a entirely different story.

    I do hope that tax payers money is not being used on this manipulative propaganda?

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