Benefit sanctioned have been blamed for pushing the poor to food banks.

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  1. Dont believe a word sancations numbers are not included in unemployment number millions on Jobseekers allowance to which UN courts ruled sancations on benefits illegal breach of human rights twice the UK government appealed and lost But sancations have not been lifted And Nick Clegg would gladly allow this sancations to continue if the UN courts had not ruled illegal Millions of people are now entitled to claim money back taken illegally from their benefits

  2. Cameron harps on about ‘we are on the side of working families’ Abhorrent lie These are the very people he is targeting for cuts and will continue to do so if, God forbid, they get back in again. 75% of people on Housing Benefit are WORKING The majority of people who use food Banks are WORKING AND NO they are not spending money on sat tv etc because they can not afford it Get a grip man

  3. They’re disgusting even now knowing people are dead finished gone as a direct result of punitive austerity policies they will not admit that punishing the poor in aid of the wealthy as it’s not by accident this food bank has emerged,it was planned and is part of Nu conservative ideals.

  4. What a wonderful way to allow a Tory to tell us that all we need is a job to avoid hunger. Hate to tell him but THERE ARE NO JOBS. What an ideological tosspot he is. Bravely he avoids the truth which is that people go to food banks because they have been dismissed from the welfare system.

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