By Sophie J. Brown - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

The majority of people, including benefit claimants, believe the Labour Party has the most human approach to social security benefits, Welfare Weekly can reveal.

Our exclusive poll surveyed the opinion of thousands of Twitter users, and the results should serve as wake up call to politicians from across the political divide about how the public perceive their treatment of the poor and vulnerable.

Our poll found that 49% of respondents felt the Labour Party has the most humane approach to welfare policy, with only 2% backing the Conservatives and a further 2% siding with the Liberal Democrats.

However, Labour should not rest on their laurels because the Scottish National Party (SNP) are just two percentage points behind on 47%.

Unfortunately, we were unable to include other political parties in the poll because Twitter only allows for a maximum of four options.

Strong support for the SNP may be partly due to the fact they are in government, and have already introduced some progressive welfare policies such as increasing carer’s benefits and all but abolishing the hated ‘bedroom tax’ north of the border.

But if Labour wish to convince peole of their commitment to improving the lives of the poor – the lives of disabled people in particular – then they will need to demonstrate a willingness and solid commitment to reversing most (if not all) welfare cuts and changes introduced since 2012.

Welfare Weekly surveyed 5,227 Twitter users over 24 hours between the 5th and 6th of January. Respondents were encouraged to retweet the poll in order to establish as wide pool of opinion as reasonably possible.

An SNP spokesperson told Welfare Weekly: “The SNP have taken a number of steps to mitigate the worst aspects of Westminster’s welfare reform with our limited powers.

“Since 2013, the Scottish Government have spent more than £100million a year to protect people from the worst aspects of Tory welfare cuts.

“As long as the Tory Government in Westminster persists with such damaging, callous welfare policies while the Labour Party provide no effective opposition, Scotland will be tackling poverty with one hand tied behind our backs.

“With the Tory Party loudly backing harmful policies such as the rape clause and the two-child cap, and Labour’s refusal to support the full devolution of welfare powers to the Scottish Parliament, it is clear that the SNP are the only party prepared to build a welfare system of dignity and fairness at its heart.”

The Labour Party has been contacted for comment.

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