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  1. oh dear. “Under PIP, 29% of claimants receive the highest rate of support, compared to 15% under DLA. yet figures by them look good but dla there were very many more getting this benefit many times more oh dear they manipulate figures to suit

  2. When i was getting DLA they gave me full mobility and was told if my partner tried claiming for carers allowance they would stop my mobility. Now i’m on PIP I got the lower rate of mobility and lower of rate of support. I found out a few days ago they did not take into account people’s mental disabilities. If it’s not the Tories robbing us it’s Labour. Life is hard enough being disabled.

    • “If it’s not the Tories robbing us it’s Labour”

      Care to explain how you came to this non-sensical conclusion.

      • oh dear .lablour robbing us do you read the sun well most papers has they like good kick labour story lot eek better get back to my jack a norie

          • oh dear don’t get your knickers in twist my dementia some days I get the posts wrong way round if and when I do I say sorry Stephen h but lets hope we rid ourselves of these devil

    • whoever told you that getting carers allowance would lose you the mobility component lied. the only benefit affected by claiming carers allowance would be your severe disability premium which you got under income support. nothing else. the Tories tried to take away mobility support for people with some mental health conditions, this has just been overturned in the courts, so yes it was the Tories trying to rob you

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