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Ed Miliband banned Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont from condemning the ‘bedroom tax’, according to new revelations revealed today.

According to a report in the Guardian newspaper, Johann Lamont was ordered not to speak out against the ‘bedroom tax’ for a year, while Ed Miliband decided what Labour’s policy would be in regard to the hated housing policy.

Ms Lamont resigned as Labour leader in Scotland on Saturday after accusing colleagues south of the border of trying to run Scotland like a “branch office of London”.

The Guardian reports that the accusation has been backed-up by former Labour first minister Henry McLeish, who claimed the party didn’t understand “the realities of Scottish politics”.

A source close to Ms Lamont said: “They told Lamont not to condemn it for a year while Ed made up his mind.”

SNP MSP Kevin Stewart, who sits on the Scottish Welfare Reform Committee, said:

“This is an astonishing revelation which demonstrates both how much the London leadership pulls Labour’s strings in Scotland, and how totally out of touch Ed Miliband is with the people of Scotland. Mr Miliband must come clean on this claim as a matter of urgency.

“Labour’s stance on the Bedroom Tax is simply breathtaking – after they finally decided they were against this unfair tax it had already caused misery to many of the most vulnerable people in Scotland.

“Labour’s problems in Scotland are mounting up – they are in meltdown, and the blame lies squarely at the door of Ed Miliband.”

Around 49% of the British public agree the ‘bedroom tax’ should be scrapped, compared to 41% who disagree. 79% of Labour voters believe the policy should be abandoned.

Labour say they would repeal the ‘bedroom tax’ if they win an outright majority in the next general election. Is Labour’s position on the ‘bedroom tax’ more to do with following public opinion (populism) than standing up for those affected by the devastating policy?


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Photo credit: Plashing Vole via photopin cc

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