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People on benefits who suffer from mental health conditions could be offered treatment at jobcentres, it has been announced.

Up to 40,000 people could benefit from access to a mental health treatment course in jobcentres, costing £25 million over the next three years.

The scheme will provide access to treatments such as talking therapy and online support in jobcentres, with the aim of helping more people with mental health conditions into work.

Mental health specialists will be based at 350 jobcentres across England to provide psychological treatment to mentally ill benefit claimants. Evidence suggests that offering onsite support could improve the work prospects for unemployed people with mental health issues.

photo credit: madamepsychosis via photopin cc
photo credit: madamepsychosis via photopin cc

The new scheme follows recommendations made by the Mental Health Task Force, established by the Liberal Democrats. The task force explored ways the government could improve the support available for people with mental health conditions.

The Liberal Democrats say they will put equality for people with mental health problems on the front page of their manifesto.

An additional £8bn a year funding will assist the NHS in delivering better care for people with mental health problems.

Liberal Democrat leader and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said: “I’m determined to end the out dated attitudes and tackle the stigma that still surrounds mental health.

“People with mental health problems, who haven’t been able to work, often need support to get back to working life.

“It is vital therefore that we provide treatment as early as possible, rather than letting their condition worsen, lengthening their time away from a job.

“I set up a cross Government taskforce to look at what can and should be done to raise our game on mental health. One of the key recommendations is to help people back into work who have a mental health problem.

“I’m pleased to say that I’ve secured the funding to make this a reality and bring mental health services into the job centre for the very first time.”


  1. So the job-centre treats you and your fit to fly because some Non qualified cheap zero hour contract worker doesn’t have a clue about you condition. great we can expect another Alps crash in the future. or a suicide attempt at high speed in a huge truck. Mental health issues cannot be sorted out in a job centre and only the insane would think it could be. This is disability hate at its worst.
    Can Ian Duncan Smith stoop any lower. People will die because of this bit of policy. Atos is already killing people now they want the DWP to do it as well.

  2. I agree that people need better access to talking therapies and treatment, but the jobcentre is the last place they should be getting this. Counselling should be offered to make people well, not to make sure they’re making someone else rich. Sick.

  3. The computer says you no longer have a Mental health condition. The computer also says your Doctor is wrong. Ian Duncan Smiths version of Little Britain DWP Style. I really am starting to believe we have utter lunatics running the country.

  4. so more bureaucratic bullshit red tape, one hand has no clue what the other is doing job center schemes. as if they dont piss enough people off on a daily basis as it is.

  5. Walk suck ya thumb and take shit on their desk (and I mean the claimants carer do this)
    Then walk out and say OK Smart arse you look after their needs for today , I will be back at 6pm.

  6. It doesn’t matter how positive this government is doesn’t mean employers want people with mental health problems. The gov knows employers want cheap, fit EU workers and they are not going to take on a mentally ill person out of the goodness of their hearts. Get real. Its just an excuse to drop money to JSA.

  7. Much of the Help they are suggesting is attempts to propagandise and legitimise Psychological Profiling and Coersion of people who either have Mental Health problems or who display signs of disobedience or non cornformism to their bullying and coersive techniques.

    here is a link the the Mental Health Training Pack being distributed to all work coaches .

    Read it for yourselves before you decide whether what they have on offer is Helpful or something far more sinister.

    Bearing in mind that any Psychological Treatment should only be carried out with informed consent and a desire and willingness of the person to undertake it for any positive outcomes to be acheived.

    An unwillingness to under go treatment can be constrewed by the DWP as failure to follow a jobseeker direction, in that the claimant comitment states that the claimant will do anything and everything within their power to improve their chances of finding work etc.

    The plan involves online CBT, in a tick box format where the computer will suggest activities, which will then be passed on to the advisor.

    All personal intimate information about your personal lives and that of the people around you who play a part in and are influenced by your personal circumstances will be recorded on the DWP database and will be shared with other agencies etc.

    The training suggests that Mental Health conditions will not be addressed, but non conformist behaviour symptomatic of a condition will be targeted.

    Please read and make your own minds up. circulate if you feel as strongly as I.

    Here is the link:…pdf

    I believe it was another blog who originally highlighted this but cant remember which one.

  8. Whatever next? Only when someone has managed to take control of their mental heath issues are they ready to think about getting back into the job market. You can’t just pop a pill and magically be OK. What are these people thinking? This can only create more pressure and make people even more ill.

    • How do you take control of health problems. You are either well or not well. You can’t control an illness or disorder

      • Fair point. What I meant is that treatment can help, but it has to be on the person’s own terms not foisted on them. And the kind of compulsion suggested above can only be counter-productive.

  9. “Evidence suggests that offering onsite support could improve the work prospects for unemployed people with mental health issues”

    Evidence suggests that Duncan Smith is a complete and utter idiot, but they still keep paying his wages, thereby wasting taxpayers money and wasting everyone else’s time.

  10. If this is anything like the “support” given at various poverty pimps, it will be some cobbled together CBT/talking therapy/nudge style of garbage lifted from the pages of genuine CBT and other areas, done for the lowest cost, with no genuine support should the misguided “help” actually cause problems to get worse. It sure as hell won’t be done by genuine psychology practitioners on serious wages.
    It will be more of this from the covernments own “nudge unit” and when it all goes wrong because the “help” was anything but, who will carry the can if someone tops themselves or goes postal in the JCP?

  11. Another contract to some private corporate firm, Hmm I wonder who that would be? Someone who offers occupational health support and mental health readjustment programmes, could it be? ATOS, yi haaa

    • ATOS, I never wanted to stop working . I have long term physical , now mental and health problems. Royal Mail sent me to ATOS who said I had to be “retired on ill health” I wouldn’t have it so appealed and lost but thought Id found a technical point of law. So was granted a rare 2nd appeal but alas . I wouldn’t be covered by the insurance.

      now on my 1st appeal I read the report that was very condescending in the way it spoke to me but basically patted me on my head and said be a good lad you’ll never likely work again as prognosis is that I will get worse.

      so the very very 1st time I tried to get ESA after being on sick for months I got sent to ATOS in a different city but I saw doctor 2, imagine my total utter shock when I 1st of all got REFUSED !!! ID HAD THE SAME DOCTOR WHO SAID ID NEVER WORK AGAIN .

      When I appealed I took the letter id aquired from Royal Mail and gave it to the 3 sitting at the tribunal, I got told on my way out it was one of the quickest decisions they had ever made and couldn’t apologise enough.

      How many people dont fight? How many dont have the confidence of conviction to go all the way ?

      David Cameron may as well put on a hoody and go granny bashing and mugging folk at the post office. I dont really belive but if there is a God we wont have chance to ask him why later. The devil has an on suite right next door to maggie for this man

  12. Just another excuse to sanction people when they say no to this absurdity. Really, how easy do they think mental health treatment is? Seriously ill people just need a quick chat with that bloke in the corner and they’ll magically be ok to work? If the government want to be taken seriously they should be sectioned themselves for this.

    • As much as they’d like to think they can abuse power in this way, there’s no way they can get away with coercing people into medical treatment. It’s pretty clear from a legal point of view that it’s assault.

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