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  1. David Howell -NO! FREUD is not making a legitimate issue, if he was WHY? has he apologised for causing offence. I am a disabled person, and I worked for more than twenty years in a Remploy factory, but my condition has got worse- I am an Epileptic, Asthmatic , I have had THREE operations on the base of my spine for a pilonidal sinus, I also have to self catheterise , the hospital have recently told me I have an old fracture in one of my bones in my spine. Its not political , its freud treating the disabled with contempt

  2. Freud might be trying to make a legitimate issue ,he worded it clumsily, he is paid a very good wage, unlike a lot of people in this country ,he is not entitled to word issues clumsily ,unless he would like to work for less than the minimum wage !

  3. There’s actually a legitimate issue that Freud is legitimately trying to address. He’s worded it clumsily, Labour have tried to make it a partisan issue when they put Freud in government initially, and nobody comes out of this with much credit.

  4. FIRSTLY Freud needs to STOP thinking of “PEOPLE with disabilities” as “THE DISABLED”. Freud needs to care “passionately” about HOW he is projecting attitudes towards people who have disabilities. Wonder if Freud gets “many barriers” PEOPLE with disabilities have is the “attitude” people like Freud have?

    Freud’s MENTALITY can be seen in statements he makes; “To be clear, all DISABLED PEOPLE should be paid at least the minimum wage,,,”
    “I care passionately about DISABLED PEOPLE. I am proud to have played a full part in a government that is fully committed to HELPING DISABLED PEOPLE overcome the many barriers they face in finding employment. I am profoundly sorry for any offence I have caused to any DISABLED PEOPLE.”


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